House Rules

Rule Zero: The Dungeon Master can suspend or override the published game rules whenever he deems necessary. Rule zero may be invoked unilaterally and does not have to be agreed upon by the players


  • There will be no individual experience point awards.
  • Gaining levels will occur for the entire group at the DM’s discretion.


  • Players will use any Standard Array from the Character Builder (PHB).

Races and Classes:

  • All published races are permitted with DM Approval.
  • Races considered exotic or hostile (ex. Shardmind, Genasi, Drow) can expect to have more social challenges and potentially dangerous encounters to overcome.
  • Races and classes from the Essentials lines of products are approved for use.

Favors and Rewards:

  • A favor is assigned a gold piece value like any magic item and a character can spend that favor by calling upon the individual or faction for resources. More information can be found in the DSCS pages 210-211. Favors can be used as treasure/rewards.
  • Rewards of magic items are not always appropriate and may be given as titles, properties, retainers, etc. Specifics should be worked out with the DM.
  • Players will also be given the rewards of Story Points to use for their characters.


  • Aiming Action: Ranged attackers can sacrifice their move action for a +1 bonus to their next ranged attack roll.
  • Pushback/shift & not enough room: Any creature that is pushed or shifted in a direction that there doesn’t have enough squares to accommodate the movement will instead take falling damage (1d6) per square they is not able to be accommodated.
  • Critical on a Save Roll: A roll of a natural 20 on any saving throw also grants the character a move action before their turn is over.
  • Plot Coupon: Every time a player spends two rounds in a row attempting to attack but without scoring any successful attacks, give them a guaranteed, free non-critical success on the first attack roll they do for the next At-Will or Encounter power they try to use, without needing to roll.


  • Religion or Arcana can be interchanged with Psionics as a skill as long as the character is a psionic focused class.


  • Healing potions do not expend a characters healing surges.

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